vBrooklyn    A video-festival about Brooklyn, NY       
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Mission Statement

vBrooklyn is a video-festival about:
  • Brooklyn as a place
  • Video as an art form
The vBrooklyn video-festival seeks to document the current, evolving state of Brooklyn's development through the current, evolving state of video-art.

vBrooklyn also sees Brooklyn as a source of inspiration and wants to create a forum for exploring that inspiration.

Brooklyn is New York City's most populous borough and would be the Unites States' fourth largest city if independent. It's undergoing a period of intense physical transformation as more people move into the borough and development hits critical mass.

We want to visually record Brooklyn's waterfront, downtown and industrial areas before the current wave of development permanently changes them -- Our goal is for video-artists to build Brooklyn's historic record through personal interpretation combined with factual documentation.

Because of the nature of video-art, there is a component of literal documentation but presented through artists' unique visual perspective.

The views of and from Brooklyn's waterfront and skyline will be noticeably different in a few years. The industrial infrastructure of areas like Gowanus, the Navy Yards, Redhook and Sunset Park will be transformed as well, losing with them some of our borough's history. We have a unique opportunity to create a dynamic record in anticipation of the impending changes.

Video-art is a fitting medium for this exploration and documentation. As with Brooklyn in 2006, video-art is undergoing a renaissance. More artists are turning to this medium, and the public is becoming more aware of it as a living, respected form. Video-art has become integral to the quality of New York City's culture in galleries, concerts, clubs and museums. The many performance series and art spaces in Brooklyn have contributed to this rebirth. It seems fitting that video-art repay the support and create a living history of Brooklyn.
December 3, 2006

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vBrooklyn is supported by:
Forward Motion Theater
Galapagos Art Space Independence Community Foundation
Experimental Television Center NYSCA
mediaThe Foundation
The Experimental Television Center's Presentation Funds program is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and mediaThe Foundation