vBrooklyn    A video-festival about Brooklyn, NY       
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Performances & Pieces

vBrooklyn presents video-performances and screened pieces based on original footage of Brooklyn's cityscape. All video is shot by the artists, primarily during 2006.

There will be a range of video techniques, from edit-based works, to forward-looking digital and software techniques, to use of traditional video-hardware exploited in new ways.

Screened pieces will range from ambient, abstract studies to dynamic, figurative examinations; Performances will range from purely improvisational, real-time video manipulations to rules-based compositions.

The areas of Brooklyn in the footage are physically transforming, and their skylines and the views of and from them will change or be lost as the borough's development moves forward.

The pieces express Brooklyn as a place, a physical location, a unique cityscape. They are personal expression based on literal documentation.
December 3, 2006

vBrooklyn 2008
vBrooklyn 2007

vBrooklyn is supported by:
Forward Motion Theater
Galapagos Art Space Independence Community Foundation
Experimental Television Center NYSCA
mediaThe Foundation
The Experimental Television Center's Presentation Funds program is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and mediaThe Foundation