A video festival about Brooklyn as a place and video as an art form
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Sunday December 2 — 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The day includes technical demonstrations of IDMI's 9 channel video system; a performance by R. Luke DuBois specially written for the system; panel discussions; and a screening of Michael Miscione's "The City of Greater New York: The Story of Consolidation", a chronicle of Brooklyn's end as an independent city.

$5 admission for the day (Artists listed in alphabetical order)

1:00 pm — Video Screenings

{+}  Jeanne Angel - 'i [heart] brooklyn'
{+}  Al Griffin - 'South 2nd Street'
{+}  Tamara Yadao - 'Miss Brooklyn'

1:30 pm — The City of Greater New York: The Story of Consolidation

The history of Brooklyn's end as an independent city.

{+}  Michael Miscione - 'The City of Greater New York: The Story of Consolidation'

2:30 pm — Presentations, Demonstrations, and Talks

{+}  Insook Choi & Carl Skelton - 'BrookLynX'
{+}  Ardis Kadiu - 'pan - A Multi-Screen Media Player Demo'
{+}  Anton Marini and Eric Redlinger - 'Research at Polytechnic - GPU Shaders and Mobile Devices as Controllers - v001 and Mrmr'
{+}  Panel Discussion and Q/A with Insook Choi, R. Luke DuBois, Ardis Kadiu, Anton Marini, Michael Miscione and Carl Skelton (moderated by vBrooklyn's Adam Kendall)

4:00 pm — R. Luke DuBois with Todd Reynolds and Satoshi Takeishi

A special performance by multimedia artist, educator and software programmer R. Luke DuBois, presenting a piece specially written for IDMI's 9 channel video system.

{+}  R. Luke DuBois (with musician Todd Reynolds & Satoshi Takeishi) - 'Imaginary Elevateds'

4:30 pm — Video Performances

{+}  CHiKA (with musician Sawako) - 'chronos v'
{+}  Adam Kendall (with musician Richard Garet) - 'Verrazano-Narrows'
{+}  Lady Firefly (with musician Zemi17) - 'Under the Urban Blanket'

Video Installations

{+}  Bettina Johae - 'bedford avenue - brooklyn - ny'

Organizational and Technical Support

{+}  Holly Daggers and Eric Dunlap of Forward Motion Theater
Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2007
Polytechnic University
Brooklyn, NY

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This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.