A video festival about Brooklyn as a place and video as an art form
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Mission Statement


vBrooklyn is a video festival about Brooklyn as a place and video as an art form.

vBrooklyn documents the current, evolving state of Brooklyn through contemporary video-art. It creates a forum exploring Brooklyn as inspiration, and, with Brooklyn itself the subject of the festival, it hopes to create symbiosis between the borough and the resulting works.

The festival focuses on Brooklyn's geometrically-paced urban development, attempting to document the borough's physical cityscape, people and experiences before they irretrievably change.

vBrooklyn seeks out what makes Brooklyn a uniquely strong, identifiable city within a city.


Brooklyn is New York City’s most populous borough and would be the United States’ fourth largest city if independent. It’s undergoing a period of intense physical and cultural transformation as development hits critical mass and more people move into the borough.

vBrooklyn wants to visually record Brooklyn’s skyline, architecture, activities and experiences before the current wave of development and population influx permanently change them. vBrooklyn's goal is video-artists building Brooklyn’s historic record through personal interpretation and factual documentation.

Brooklyn's urban landscape is noticeably different than even just a few years ago. Residential, commerical and industrial neighborhoods are transforming, losing with them some of our borough’s history. At the same time, Brooklyn’s people continue the ongoing redefinition of the borough by sustaining the generations-old ebb and flow of ethnicities, cultures and classes.

We have a unique opportunity to create a dynamic record in anticipation of the continuing and impending changes.


Video-art is a fitting medium for this exploration and documentation.

As with Brooklyn, video-art plays an increasingly vital role in New York City culture. More artists are turning to it and audiences are more aware of it as a living form. Brooklyn's galleries and performance spaces have supported video-art's renaissance. It's fitting that video-artists repay the support with a living history of the borough.
Dec 12 & 13, 2008
Polytechnic University
Brooklyn, NY

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vBrooklyn is supported by:
Forward Motion Theater
Polytechnic University, Brooklyn
Integrated Digital Media Institute
Brooklyn Arts Council
Experimental Television Center NYSCA
mediaThe Foundation
The Experimental Television Center's Presentation Funds program is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and mediaThe Foundation.