A video festival about Brooklyn as a place and video as an art form
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Saturday December 13 — Afternoon Events

The evening includes performances and screenings focusing on the complexity and detail that make Brooklyn a unique city within a city, including pieces written specifically for IDMI's 9 channel video system.

$5 admission for the entire afternoon

(Artists listed in alphabetical order)

2:00 pm — Video Screenings

{+}  Piama Habibullah, James Charles Daher - 'broken land: NOW'
{+}  Jared Lamenzo - 'Brooklyn Bridge'
{+}  Kimberly Simpson, Brian Colby - 'Saint Agnieska, Patroness of the Waterfront'
{+}  vydavy sindikat - 'a voyage to Laputa'
{+}  David Watson - 'Wasted'
{+}  Tamara Yadao - 'Red Hook Sugar'

2:30 pm — IDMI's Featured Screening and Discussion of the 9 Channel Video System

IDMI presents a screening by its graduate students followed by a demonstration and discussion of the technology behind their custom 9 channel video system.

{+}  Gary Acers, Richard Lewis and Lan Xu - 'Global Flittr'

3:00 pm — Video Performances

{+}  Chika (with musician WvS) - '110408'
{+}  Bruce Tovsky - 'Elegy'

4:00 pm — Video Performances

{+}  Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer - 'Coney Island Moves'
{+}  Karl Mendonca - 'A Tiny Patch of Sky.'


IDMI presents ongoing interactive installations featuring its custom 9 channel video system.

{+}  Bilge Demirtas, Laura Lou and Lenin Paulino - 'Real-time Editing'
{+}  Caroline Bouchat, Angeline Su-Ching Chang and Catalin Stefanovici - 'Club Hello'
Dec 12 & 13, 2008
Polytechnic University
Brooklyn, NY

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